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The Hannover IT design and hosting group was established in 1994 by developing a BBS system and was equiped with TCP-IP protocole in 1995 and continued its operation by the name Kerman Kavir information network.

The main function of the group during 1997–2001 was concentarted on automated manufacturing softwares and applications development. At the same time it was also producing different types of softwares such as Hamkar and Production II. Some of these softwares are currently being used in some factories.

We are now mainly operating in Europe and have designed many sites for universities and European companies. In 2004 it was registered as a design and hosting company in the United kingdom. We are now offering the latest systems of hosting services to customers around the world.

The hosting services are grouped into two types share hosting and reseller. The ‘share hosting’ involves two servers equipped with windows and linux systems. The ‘seller’ on the other hand is given to the purchasing representatives where they can access the control panel and define the space and domain for the customers.

The Hannover It Ltd is proud to inform customers that it has been awarded with the Golden Web Awards 2003-2004 by the international society of web designers for its excellent service in different aspects of design and hosting activities.

  Easy Web 1

- 100 MB
- 6000MB Transfer
- Pop3 Mail
- Webmail
- 2 Mysql

 Power Web 3

- 1000 MB
- 40000MB Transfer
- Pop3 Mail
- Webmail
- 4 Mysql



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